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The decentralized, fair, and transparent gambling platform powered by the Metavault DAO.

0xBets aims to solve the existing problems of traditional online casinos

Although conventional betting platforms and online casinos have been popular, we believe the gambling industry can provide a superior user experience. In the realm of online gambling, players often have to trust casino operators blindly, despite the fact that they may not always operate in a fair and honest manner. Additionally, online casinos collect vast amounts of information and can prevent certain players from accessing their services based on location.

This situation is not sustainable for the industry.

A verifiable on-chain solution for gambling

We are addressing the issues plaguing the online gambling industry by introducing a casino with the following features:

  • All games have open-source contracts, enabling players to audit and verify game probabilities themselves, providing fully transparent games.

  • Game results are verifiable on-chain using technologies such as Chainlink's VRF technology.

  • The platform is non-custodial and trustless; players control and own their funds while playing, eliminating the need to deposit with a third party that needs to be trusted.

  • The platform is permissionless; players do not need to provide KYC, email, or any other information. A simple EVM-compatible wallet is required.

  • The casino is entirely decentralized, owned by MVX holders in both decision-making and profit-sharing.

With these features, we aim to restore confidence in the online gambling industry and provide a platform that users can rely on for an enjoyable and fair gaming experience. Additionally, our platform serves as a comprehensive casino hub, featuring a diverse range of casino games, PvP games, and sports betting options to cater to our users' varied preferences.

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